As a rainmaker, I have been in sales since the age 15. I have sold Newspapers, Pizza, Cars, Clothing, Car Detailing, Vinyl siding, Insurance, Furniture, Commercial Real Estate, Food Computers, Development, Advertising, TV Commercials, Computer Repair, Networking, HiTech Services, Staffing, Consulting, IT outsourcing, Saas, Cloud Services, Artificial Intelligence and so much more.

I Have managed small and large sales teams from 5-300, Hunters and Farmers. For Small and Large companies like IBM, Accenture & WPP. I have sold deal to Intel, MorganStanley, DOD, AirForce, PhilipMorris, Top 20 Banks, Pharmaceutical, HealthCare, you name it i probably have sold them something… and I Loved It.

Now I would like to help you succeed in sales like i did. We can work on Defining best Target market, clarifying messaging, communicating to target audiences, prospecting, qualifying deals, presentations, negotiating and closing strategies. Then do it again!

What We've Achieved

Professional Life

  • 2019 BehindSelling

  • 2009 CompCom - SVP Sales

  • 2002 Accenture - Partner

  • 2001 Cloud SAAS - VP Sales

  • 2000 WPP - VP Sales

  • 1998 DecisionOne - VP Sales

  • 1994 IBM - Sales Executive

  • 1991 Justice Center - CIO

  • 1985 MicroPower - CEO