It has been a great pleasure serving you all.
I hope to continue this relationship with great reverence and respect.
— Marco

Our Happy Sales Professionals

Working with Marco was an amazing experience. His drive and passion would fuel your own fire, making you want to deliver the same results he was working towards. He is a natural servant leader. Always helping remove the obstacles in your way.


Marco is a great leader and communicator. Whenever I approached him with an issue I ran into to, he immediately had a solution. It was very apparent that he has a great relationship with his clients. I learned a lot from him and it was such a pleasure to be on his team!


One of the strongest strategy focused consulting and sales professionals I've had the pleasure to work with. Marco consistently brings a solution focus and broad understanding of business issues to every engagement we've worked together on.


TMarco Giunta did an exceptional job on the recent project. Verygood and energetic salesman, has no problem to work hard whennecessary. Strong, eager and customer focused colleague. It's amazing to work with such a person. Is able to work in a fast-paced environment.


I had the pleasure of working with Marco on a large global infrastructure outsourcing deal. He was identified as the key individual responsible for architecting a global offering. If it was not for Marco's partnering approach combined with his drive and innovative thinking, the deal would simply not have materialised.


I am happy to recommend Marco. We worked together in a salescapacity into financial services (I was "consulting" for hiscompany). Marco is very professional, knowledgeable, and on top of things, and is very comfortable dealing with IT professionals at the highest level.


What Ive learnt to admise about Marco during the 6 month development cycle of this oportunity is his knowledge and understanding of the customers business, his ability to interpret and ensure the key stakeholders personal/business objectives were achieved and ultimately his ability to network/develop.


I met and worked with Marco while on the Infrastructure Outsourcing team at Accenture. Marco was actively pursuing several capital markets customers at the time and had terrific contacts. We collaborated on outsourcing deals at JPMC and a capital markets pursuit at FINRA. Marco had the best pipeline of all the IO team sales leads and knew how to close the deal. He was always hunting and looking for the next opportunity.