How? Here are the 7 Steps to Sales Coaching…

Sales coaching is effective in increasing sales and building a customer base. It also provides a measurable, positive changes in you and any organization.

Step 1 Set initial Goals

Goal setting is foundation and the blueprint of any structure. we start by understanding what are your core values, this helps when making decisions.

Understand your passion and what gets you excited. we follow by looking at where you want to be by setting a time in the future. than work on your marketing plan for what you do. we build a 3 year picture in some detail

Step 2 Periodical plan

In the planning stage we dive in to a micro view a bit closer and start building action planing. divided them in 3 categories: needs to get don this year, this quarter and monthly get it done plan

Step 3 Providing assessment

Understanding where we are are right now is very important. We than start to asses all the skills and assets that are at our disposal to be to...

Step 4 Mind the Gap

will use observations to find opportunities to bridge the gap so you can cover where you are and where we need to be.

Step 5 Developing Skills

now we can start to provide insights and suggesting techniques. doing different training designed to help develop skills based on real time events. 

Step 6 funnel Training 

you needs to understand the process to be able to align the buyers journey with the sell cycle. we will then offer training to understand what is going on in the deal and how to steer around dangers and speed up.

Step 7 Ongoing Mentoring 

at a some point we will be provide you with important ongoing mentoring to help you continue to improve. and concentrate on exponential growth

lets start this journey together today…