Common Sales Objection and Rebuttals

It is quite Common Sales Objection and Rebuttals from prospects who might have little or no interest in what a sales professional is selling. In many cases, such objections come from customers who are uncertain, uninterested, or reluctant to buy, especially in later stages of the buying cycle, that entails negotiation.

The Truth is…

STOP!…learn to close or find a new career.

Every meeting is a sale… either you sell them on your agenda or they sell you on not buying from you… totaly your choice.

However, objections can serve as an opportunity for a sales representative to clarify any misapprehensions about the product in a bid to qualify the prospect and complete the sale. This doesn’t sound easy, but recognizing common sales objection and knowing the rebuttals or how to overcome them is the key.

Here are the common sales objections, its rebuttals, and the best response for each.

Common Sales Objection and Rebuttals

#5 … ‘’Call me back next time’’.

Prospect resort to this when they are too busy to listen to you. In this case, they believe what you have to offer may not be relevant to them, and by asking you to call back next time, they are just hoping to cut the conversation short.

The Rebuttals

An experienced salesman will not fall for this, because by accepting to call next time, you are surrendering the deal. Reassure them this is not just a conversation to sell, you just want to show them what you do and the value they will benefit from it.

Best Response: Of course, it will be my pleasure. However, I would like to set a convenient few minute calls to clarify what we are doing. When do you think you can spare time for us to chat?

#4 …‘’I am not interested.’’

Most prospects tend to say this to do away with the salesman once and for all. However, this type of objection is not always taken with seriousness as it can be a usual response to any salesman.

The Rebuttal

The best thing to do here is to show them your understanding, letting them know you understand how they feel. Then give them a testimony of someone who was once reluctant to buy but actually benefited from buying the product.

#3 … ‘’We are already working with … (Add competitor Name here)

This kind of sales objection is calling for the need to elucidate why your product is unique and why it is a better option than the competitor your prospect is already working with. It is now left to a professional salesman to change the prospect's mindset and explain why the value you provide is unique.

The Rebuttal

Don’t go straight into telling them that the competitor they are working with is bad or not good enough, this will sound desperate. Try to let them know that you are different and can flawlessly provide additional value to them. You can also present cases of other companies like your prospects’ who has worked with your company compared with the competitor.

#2 … ‘’It is too expensive.’’

This can be considered one of the best sales objection a salesman can get because it simply means the prospect has the intention of buying. In a sales word, price is questioned only when one is interested.

the Rebuttal

This sales objection can be sensitive and trying to justify the price with immediate aggression make you look desperate. The best action here is to give a clear picture of the value of the solution you create in the process of selling. In other words, linking the price to the value is a better option than trying to justify the price for it being the selling price.

#1 … ‘’I’ve had a bad experience with this product in the past.’’

This type of sales objection also indicates that the prospect has a minimal interest except for his bad experience. Prospect might see the need for an assurance from the salesman

The Rebuttal

it is a bad idea to be on the defensive immediately as any average salesman will want to do. Instead, sympathize and apologize for the inconvenience that the prospect has encountered. You can then ask to know what the problem is, and if it is an issue you are aware of, assuring the prospect that the problem has been fixed in the product latest model will go a long way in convincing the prospect.

In Conclusion

You can as well recommend another brand that won’t constitute the issue. However, a seasoned salesman should make sure to reassure that such problems won’t occur again.

For every quartile sale, there may be an objection. It is important for a salesman to be prepared and understand the common sales objections and its rebuttals. All objection is not always a rejection; it is a request for further information. However, a twice objection may actually mean business.

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