Case Study - Art of The Deal

Sales is hard! And …it is still about the Art and Science of the Deal… and as it is true in school you can teach science but telling Picasso to draw like Pollock or telling me to draw at all is impossible. …Marco Giunta

The Salesperson called and said that they had a deal that just wouldn’t move.

They explained that it was a sizable deal and all eyes were on him not. if he won the deal it would mean that he could retire is a quota for the year and with the deal, he had closed already he would make a big commission accelerator… but if he lost it he may also lose his job given the fact that his boss already had it committed to the company.

So we went to work. we set up a sales coaching session to figure where we are, as we looked at the history of the deal from the first meeting thru the qualifying process and the first presentation…it would seem that’s when it started to go off the rails. during the first presentation, the client exclaimed that the scope was wrong and they would need to try again, and so they did… over and over 7 times in a period of 3 months.

But every time they would present a flag on the field would be thrown almost like a buzzer in a game show and everything would stop. I asked the Salesperson to go back to the drawing board and imagine he was starting with the customer again, and rethink through all the client interactions and issues and re-qualify the opportunity, this time using a Product-Market Fit exercise…

The Product Market Fit Process - Reveals the Need and Wants

The Product Market Fit Process - Reveals the Need and Wants

In just a couple of hours, we did a forensic inspection of the client and the deal and came up with a hypothesis on what the issue was then we set up a meeting with the client to test reason the client and the opportunity was not moving

The outcome was as we predicted:

  • The opportunity was qualified but the client was not the decision maker

  • The person that we have been presenting to was afraid to move forward because it would impact him

  • The scope was all over the place because we were not getting the right information and we were not asking the right questions

  • We asked his boss for a meeting and received the opportunity to present.

Later we did have to go back to the rebuild the solution but this time we presented to the decision maker and received a verbal on the opportunity. Received a signature 30 days later. Happy story but they do not all end well when you make the wrong assumptions... he could have been still presenting today.🤓

We did start working with the individual again to strengthen the Qualification and Discovery process and he did make his numbers for the year…

Here’s what’s next…

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