The top 15% of sales professionals know exactly how to execute the 4 key disciplines and that is how to win at selling B2B business:

Finding New customers

Salespeople are to busy & not prospecting well for new clients or expanding existing because they lack the skill to do so or fear the rejection

Building Sales pipeline

Salespeople make wrong assumptions during the sell cycle because they don’t understand the Selling process, the Buyers journey

Negotiating the Close

Sales Forecast never materialize because the opportunity fails to renegotiated to a close successfully.

Building Relationships

The key to account Management is the ability to build strong relationships at all levels failure to do so will make you lose the client.

...Now that you know WHAT they do better, its time to learn HOW the top 15% crush it! ...
— Marco

Learn the B2B Sales Techniques to Closing More Deals

Sales Performance issues are rooted in three areas

1 Prospecting

Identifying and turning your target market in to the top funnel

2 Communicate

How do you reach out and communicate your value proposition to a lead

3 Qualifying

Determine if the lead is the right lead to continue in to the sales process

4 Needs & Wants

What the client needs is important but the wants will win you the deal

5 Presenting

Presenting the solution or the demo is where you need to get it right

6 Objections

This is where listening and re scoping become key to advancing the deal

7 Negotiating

The key to any deal is a win win outcome, Client needs value you need profit.

8 Closing

Making sure that the paper work is complete and inc is dry, celebrate.

9 On-boarding

Making sure that you stay close to your client as they are starting using you.

10 Account Management, Up-sell & Cross Sell

Responsible for the management of sales and relationships with particular customers. An account manager maintains the company's existing relationships with a client or group of clients, so that they will continue using the company for business.

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